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We are aware of the environmental crisis our planet is going through, that is why we are committed to producing 100% vegan footwear with the least possible environmental impact without reducing its quality and to support and encourage actions to reduce it. We firmly believe that doing good is just as important as looking good.

As part of our commitment, we will increasingly reduce the environmental impact of our footwear as innovation and technology allow us, by having more ecological materials and processes, without compromising the quality of our collections.

Thanks to current technology we can use products free of animal skin, which implies the sacrifice and violence of millions of animals in addition to a high ecological disaster for their production, however the elaboration of substitute products also implies negative effects for our planet, it is For this reason, we work with suppliers that do not use lead for the production of our materials and have the least possible ecological impact in the Mexican market.

In a world where fast fashion and low cost gain popularity regardless of the high pollution and unworthy conditions of the employees that these industries promote We want to support true artisans who focus on the quality of their products and the livelihood of our collaborators. We have decided only to work with suppliers and manufacturers of Mexican materials to guarantee the quality of the materials and certify that the production processes as well as the work environment conform to the values of our brand, likewise the use of materials from Mexico minimizes the transportation distance to our factory and therefore the impact of transportation on the environment.

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